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Top 10 Insurtech Solution Companies in Europe - 2019

In the era of digital technology, technological advancement has become a strategic priority for every company to meet the growing consumer expectations, and the insurance industry is no exception. Technology has helped the insurance industry in several ways, and insurance leaders have started making investments in new-age technologies that will help them to become more customer-centric, cost-efficient, and create operational excellence. Traditional insurance institutions are leveraging technologies to acquire and process internal and external data at high speeds and come up with sustainable and robust business models to compete with the digital natives.

Also, while adopting latest insurtech technology or business process, organisations must be aware and go through the planning, deployment, and ongoing usage of new technology solutions and the operational changes to make smart, well-informed, and fact-based decisions.

This edition of Insurance CIO Outlook features companies such as Aurachain, CyberCube, and Claider that are at the forefront of offering agile insurance technology solutions. Insurance CIO Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organisations in the industry that solve challenges by implementing the current technological trends in the space. Through this special edition, we present to you Top 10 Insurtech Companies in Europe - 2019.

    Top Insurtech Companies in Europe

  • Amodo platform enables insurance companies, digital brokers and adjacent industries to market new products and services and engage users through smartphones. Amodo collects and analyzes user behavior data, and enables clients to develop new categories of insurance products. Through their advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence, the company enables personalized pricing, automated promotion, quotation and sales. Amodo enables all stakeholders in the automotive ecosystem to better understand how their products and services are being used, thus enabling better cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for businesses. Besides offering a technology that combines the best of customer engagement and analytics technology, Amodo assists in operating the platform on behalf of insurance companies

  • For the last 10 years, as experts in business process management, Aurachain has kept a close eye on new developments and market dynamics. This led to the realisation that the disruptive potential of blockchain within the insurance industry is unquestionable. At present, with a humongous amount of personal data at stake, insurance providers are bogged down with traditional, paper-heavy processes that involve countless checks and an abundance of middlemen. By putting all this data on a blockchain, Aurachain accelerates these checks, if not fully automating them. It also streamlines the majority of tasks performed by middlemen, ensuring improved risk management, reduced turnaround time for claims, and lower premiums

  • bsurance entrepreneurs and experts have years of experience in the areas of insurance, sales, project development, marketing, and the digitization of business models. They make insurance simple. In collaboration with partners, they build sustainable ecosystems by connecting their customers with excellent and relevant insurance products: embedded at the right time and in the proper context. The company digitizes insurance products, simplifies them, and implements them where it matters more, directly at the digital counter. The advantages for the companies and customers in the banking and financial sector comes with additional support and services

  • Provides insurance companies, reinsurers and brokers, solutions that enable reinsurance management that is powered by advanced computer programming. C Consulting leverages its flagship product, XLayers, a digital platform dedicated to reinsurance management. From the feeding of premiums and claims to the right sources and parties to the production of records of the general ledgers, XLayers is an end-to-end reinsurance management solution for both the life and non-life insurance businesses

  • CelsiusPro was founded in 2008 and is a Swiss Insurtech company that specializes in industrializing index insurance solutions to mitigate the effects of adverse weather, climate change, and natural catastrophes. They aim to increase resilience against NatCat and weather events, combine risk management with data science, simplify, digitalize, and automate the risk management process. The company offers global insurance digitalization solutions for insurers with a focus on weather, agro, and parametric NatCat products. The offering includes seamless front-to-back solutions from data sourcing, pricing, policy management, and settlement to climate and NatCat monitoring tools and consulting

  • Claider, Milano-based Company offers digital assistance in insurance claims through its application that is available in the iOS and Google Play stores and a web platform. Claider’s holistic, all-in-one app allows the insured to check, process and send claims to the insurance companies at a keystroke, making communication all the more effective between the insured and the insurer. From claims to compensation, the app digitalises insurance management and connects all the associated professionals such as intermediaries, appraisers, claim managers, loss adjusters and fleet managers who work in the claims process. Setting Claider a class apart from the rest in the industry is their ability to provide a comprehensive claim management platform, which fully digitalises the insurance management process and helps the insured in registering a claim effortlessly

  • CyberCube’s provides a market-leading cyber risk analytics platform to help the (re)insurance sector quantify the financial impact of cyber catastrophe. With best-in-class data access and advanced multi-disciplinary analytics, the platform helps (re)insurance companies make better decisions when placing insurance, underwriting cyber risk and managing risk aggregation. CyberCube’s enterprise intelligence layer provides insights on millions of companies globally and includes modelling on over 1,000 single points of technology failure. Born out of Symantec, a leading provider of cybersecurity products and solutions, CyberCube has a strong cybersecurity pedigree and is one of the few cyber analytics providers for risk aggregation

  • Factory 4 Solutions (F4S) focuses on innovative information solutions for financial business, commercial enterprises as well as public administration. F4S brings more than 15 years of experience in designing process systems and process support realization projects. The company supports both human and system processes and integrates them into one well-orchestrated system of individual activities, tasks and workflows. The company specializes in components such as subcontracts for larger solutions to the complex systems of high quality required for banking and telecommunications solutions. The company has many years of experience in the system management of documents and knowledge. F4S also develops specialized and custom-tailored systems for brokerage and client asset management, provision management, event processing and data intelligence

  • Cloud Insurance

    Cloud Insurance

    Cloud Insurance is a web-based insurance system with extensive policy and claims management abilities. The team consists of young techies, ex-consultants, and heavy hitters from the finance and insurance industry. They have an international mindset through previous experience in global companies in the tech, finance, insurance, and consulting sectors. They saw the insurance industry struggling to innovate, and companies held back by legacy systems, corrupt data, and a long time to market. Their cloud-based software offers a solution that helps insurers reach their business potential

  • is a dedicated, multi-line information system comprising every aspect and direction of the insurance business. It secures significant optimization and automation to the highest level of all activities and processes. A complete solution for Insurance Companies in all business lines such as P&C, life, and health. They allow insurers to measure their service level by comparing themselves to other insurers. The company helps the customers to evaluate insurance by comparing it to the services they receive from digitally native industries. puts its partners in a unique position to enable their customers to conquer every challenge