AMODO: Amodo brings a revolution in the personalization of Insurance Products

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Marijan Mumzdiev, CEO, AMODOMarijan Mumzdiev, CEO
Technological advancements are becoming a strategic priority for every business to meet the growing consumer expectations and the pace of digital transformation. The insurance industry is no exception in this case. Technologies are disrupting the insurance industry in several ways, and enterprises are investing in the latest innovations to become more customer-centric, cost-efficient, and achieve operational efficiency. As today’s consumers are used to receiving personalized offers and customized solutions to meet their needs, insurance companies are under immense pressure to offer personalized products and services. Add to that, the ability to embrace the changes and the capability to execute new initiatives are limited in the vast majority of insurance companies. By bringing in a combination of technologies like AI and data analytics enriched with big data and the competent team’s expertise, AMODO is taking the personalization game up a notch and helping insurance companies in their digital transition by applying insurance telematics.

A pioneer in the genre of personalization, Amodo enables insurance companies, digital brokers, and other industries to market their products and services and engage users through different communication channels using usage and behavior data. Insurance companies can leverage the platform’s intelligent features to obtain insight-driven decisions and better business profitability.

Since its inception, Amodo technology is focused on collecting and analyzing user behavioral data. Based on the data obtained and customer profiles, insurance companies can segment their clients and offer personalized products accordingly. The platform’s multiple features empower insurance companies to launch their categories of insurance products tailored to the user’s behavior with personalized pricing and risk coverage. Using the platform, companies can collect behavioral data, run automated and custom-made marketing campaigns, and reach out to potential customers through the smartphone channel and mediums such as email, SMS, and content in applications.

“Our platform directs insurance entities to place personalized products to the right segment of customers just in time,” emphasizes Marijan Mumzdiev, CEO of Amodo.

Insurance companies can leverage the platform’s intelligent features to build truly personalized Insurance Products for the new generation of customers

Besides offering a technology that combines the best of customer engagement and analytics technology, Amodo assists in operating the platform on behalf of insurance companies. There is a significant reduction in the number of resources that a company requires to run a project as only a single person is needed to handle the platform. One of the major highlights for which Amodo is globally recognized is their farsightedness in understanding the power of smartphones as a communication channel, which can be used to promote campaigns and increase engagement and in turn, user conversion, cross-selling and risk prevention.

What makes Amodo a game-changer in the industry is its ability to help financial institutions like insurers, brokers, and banks monetize new technology in the most effective way to their advantage. By offering automated engagement, gamification, and sales features, Amodo increases the potential of the insurers’ network and ultimately boosts their revenue. The platform’s built-in gamification modules amplify customer engagement through rewards such as discounts and vouchers based on user behavior and usage.

Following a B2B2C business model, data privacy is a top priority for Amodo. The company maintains excellent standards of security in user privacy and is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001:2015 certified, conforming to the highest GDPR guidelines. Consent management and data handling of the users are at the forefront of Amodo’s UI, enabling end-users to have complete control over their data.

Recalling a recent engagement, Mumdziev highlights how Amodo’s platform has proved to be fruitful time and again for their clients. Aiming to scale the curve of success, Amodo helps clients improve their top line and growth plans rather than focusing on the back-office operational efficiency. Amodo technology and methodology are approved by insurers around the world from the USA, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Trinidad Tobago, Brazil, etc., and has been voted by Financial Times in 2019 to be one of the top 5 game-changing technologies for the Insurance Industry in the world.

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Zagreb, Croatia

Marijan Mumzdiev, CEO

Amodo platform enables insurance companies, digital brokers and adjacent industries to market new products and services and engage users through smartphones. Amodo collects and analyzes user behavior data, and enables clients to develop new categories of insurance products. Through their advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence, the company enables personalized pricing, automated promotion, quotation and sales. Amodo enables all stakeholders in the automotive ecosystem to better understand how their products and services are being used, thus enabling better cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for businesses. Besides offering a technology that combines the best of customer engagement and analytics technology, Amodo assists in operating the platform on behalf of insurance companies