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Top 10 Insurtech Consulting/Service Companies in Europe - 2019

The conservative insurance industry is reshaping with the evolution of cutting-edge technologies like AI, cloud computing, IoT, robotics, big data, and machine learning. These technologies are enabling insurers to reiterate their user experience offerings and build a business that is ready for disruption. Moreover, insurtech is helping insurance companies streamline data records, policy checks, and customer interactions by developing a discrete set of purpose-oriented software solutions. This, in turn, supports accurate data monitoring, high-speed processing, and secured business transaction. Therefore, to keep pace with the technological transformation occurring in the insurance realm, industry leaders are seeking for best-of-breed insurtech services that drive operational efficiency in their organisations.

As an effort to help insurers strengthen their business capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the industry, Insurance CIO Outlook has compiled a list of ‘Top 10 Insurtech Consulting/Service Companies in Europe – 2019.’ The enlisted companies are capable of steering clients towards excellence by extensively supporting them beyond the advisory level and bringing in the optimal insurtech services. To further substantiate the technological advancement in the insuretech realm, CIOs working in the industry have penned their insights about new innovations, industrial happenings, and their advice to the aspiring CIOs seeking for it.

We present to you Insurance CIO Outlook’s, “Top 10 Insurtech Consulting/Service Companies in Europe – 2019.”

    Top Insurtech Consulting Companies in Europe

  • A consulting firm that specializes in systems implementation, business analysis, and IT service delivery for the insurance sector. improvIT has created a set of best practices, business metrics, and IT architectures to accommodate insurance operations productively. The firm believes is viewing regulatory and compliance related challenges as opportunities, arming clients with a resilient insurance portfolio. It then assists clients in defining their enterprise challenges accurately against its business objectives, keeping in mind the reliability and efficiency of IT operations. During its transformational initiatives, improvIT embraces the role of a technology agnostic services provider that is dedicated to the insurance domain

  • Alchemy Technologies

    Alchemy Technologies

    Alchemy Technologies has emerged as a European center of excellence for insurance software implementation, contributing to the cause of the digitization of the global insurance industry. Based in Derry City, Alchemy attracts talented people, equip them with invaluable skills and certifications that are in demand in the Insurance Industry and offer them with a successful career in an exciting marketplace. The firm achieves this in a responsible and caring way that is designed to provide a win-win for the employee, their families as well as the local community along with the stakeholders in the transformation of the Insurance industry

  • birkle IT

    birkle IT

    Founded in 2016, Birkle aims to bring the digital transformation of the companies by providing next-generation, innovative software solutions. The company supports its clients by offering a productive IT environment. The company focus on understanding the business processes and clients’ need. The company offers services like digitalization and automatization of business processes of insurances. The company develops software, web portals for B2B and B2C. The company enables the reinforcement of learning invoice systems and fraud detection. The company also offers input management through artificial intelligence that data cleansing, data integration, and data migration

  • iS2 Intelligent Solution Services

    iS2 Intelligent Solution Services

    iS2 Intelligent Solution Services is a German-based insurtech firm. The company has developed into a well-known innovative software solution provider and consulting company in the insurance sector, centring on the development of IT solutions. iS2 Intelligent Solution Services supports insurance distribution, making it more efficient. iS2 provides solutions that enable faster time-to-market, more customisation , customer-centric agile development, and automation of your business processes. iS2IT consultants help firms manage the balancing act between traditional IT and the newly required, agile IT

  • Majesco


    Majesco provides the combinations of technology, expertise, and leadership to deliver modernize, innovate, and connect with the future business. The company provides unparalleled industry expertise, domain knowledge, customer focus. The company offers services based on cloud computing, microservices, and API technologies. Majesco aims to rapidly convert new ideas into the latest business, deliver digital interactions and transactions, and build customized business models to meet demands. The company provides personalized and tailored customer services by creating compelling portals from sales through services and claims. The company makes it easier for customers to view and pay bills digitally

  • Open Web Technology

    Open Web Technology

    Open Web Technology is a strategy and technology consulting firm that helps the clients leverage new software and hardware innovations to reshape their business, devise new products or transform their organization, eyeing growth opportunities and cost savings. With tremendous growth, every year, and now over 150 employees, Open Web Technology is an emerging player with a highly connected team. In 2009, Open Web Technology entered the arena as a swiss based digital consulting firm with a global reach. From that point, a small team of high-tech entrepreneurs and seasoned consultants started working with the same values that the firm still shares today: ambition, integrity, and honesty

  • Sollers


    An international business advisory and software implementation professional, Sollers Consulting supports the financial industry in business transformations. The company specialises in IT systems, helping insurers, banks, and leasing organisations transform and adapt to new technologies. The company provides RIFE, a digital platform designed for the requirements of the insurance industry. Sollers Consulting works with more than 15 technology providers. Sollers' aims to provide its services to the organisation for better, efficient, and dynamic results in the operations of its customers

  • Syncier


    Syncier is an insurtech firm, providing a configurable version of the solution called ABS Enterprise Edition to insurance providers-as-a-service. Insurers, agents, and brokers embraces this platform as it provides services to clients, while managing the entire portfolios end-to-end in one system, obtaining a unique 360-degree view of every client and the business. Syncier offers an Azure cloud-based marketplace for ready-made software applications and services tailored to the insurance sector. Syncier team has substantiated experience and management competencies in the insurance industry, software industry, and far beyond, to help businesses efficiently

  • Synpulse


    Synpulse, a globally active management consulting company, offers clients excellent solutions, enabling high added value. Founded in 1996, the company helps its clients to plan strategies and for successful operational implementation. The company works in close cooperation with the clients to overcome the challenges that occur in the organizations, processes, and systems. The company is trusted across leading banks and insurance companies due to its excellence in providing services. The company aims to embrace technology by taking inspiration with an entrepreneurial spirit. The company values the passion for achieving ambitious goals by providing expertise



    Xceedance has established itself as a global provider of strategic operations support (SOS), which includes data sciences, consulting, managed services, and technology across the entire insurance lifecycle. Insurance firms can achieve their target operating models with the assistance and experience of Xceedance. The company’s proficiency ranges to underwriting, policy services, actuarial services, and exposure management, claims, BI and reporting, finance and accounting, and application development. Clients depend on Xceedance to drive operations, launch new products, implement cutting-edge technology, as well as deliver advanced analytics capabilities and process enhancement and optimization