NAU21: Simplifying Insurance Claims through Blockchain Technology

Top 10 Insurtech Companies in Europe - 2020

Over the last decade, technological advancements have helped the insurance industry become more customer-centric and cost-efficient while opening newer revenue streams and driving operational excellence. With emerging insurtech solutions, insurance firms are able to process internal and external data sets at high speeds, enabling the extraction of critical insights that can boost the development of sustainable and robust business models. However, to ensure that the newly adopted insurtech offerings deliver the expected benefits, companies must plan to make the necessary operational changes to make smart, well-informed, and fact-based decisions.

Today, intuitive insurtech vendors are leveraging innovative technologies such as AI, ML, Big Data analytics, and blockchain, among others, to assist insurance companies in boosting the efficiencies across various facets of their operations. A prime example of how insurtech has revolutionized insurance processes is the use of AI and ML in helping payers gain an in-depth understanding of their premiums, thereby eliminating instances of over-payment. Additionally, with blockchain-powered offerings, insurance organisations can better protect their data from the increasing threat of cybercriminals and data breaches.

Though the market is brimming with insurtech companies, finding the right one is an arduous task. This edition of Insurance CIO Outlook has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organisations in the industry that solve challenges by implementing the current technologies trends in the space. Through this special edition, we present to you Insurance CIO Outlook’s ‘Top 10 Insurtech Companies in Europe - 2020.'

    Top Insurtech Companies in Europe

  • An anti-fraud solutions and services provider that has a holistic coverage to prevent fraud and scams across insurance companies. At the heart of Kube Partners’ value proposition is its innovative anti-fraud system DETECTOR. This cutting-edge solution combines machine learning and specialized algorithms with human decision-making to enhance the claims process with accurate and contextually rich insights. DETECTOR saves time and money, enabling claims handlers to focus on value-added services and deliver a better customer experience. The solution can be installed in a matter of weeks, providing an immediate return on the initial investment

  • NAU21 simplifies people’s lives in the insurance landscape by leveraging blockchain technology to disrupt current insurance processes, automate negotiation and provide transparent benefits in terms of business. The company also leverages blockchain for differentiated communication, negotiation and access to auditable data, enhancing collaboration and generating added value, namely using technologies for knowledge extraction. To bring out the best for the insurance sector, NAU21 partners with technological research institutions and supports the joint implementation of smart contracts and artificial intelligence. It brings in an efficient execution through distributed processing. NAU21 makes this change possible by focusing on three different services, namely, consulting, digital, and innovation

  • WUA


    The foundation of WUA lies in the urgent need to compare your website with the competition to gain a better perspective on your position in the market. WUA started benchmarking the digital customer insurance journey by asking at least 400 participants to search for example for a car insurance for one hour. WUA developed interactive (MS PowerBi) dashboarding for sales and service customer journeys to present the data which makes is easy to set priorities for your teams on where to improve. The dashboards offers a detailed perspective on how customers engage and experience your website against competitors in the market.

  • Adacta Fintech

    Adacta Fintech

    A leading software provider for the insurance industry giving Life and P&C insurers a future-proof way to streamline their operations and processes

  • Cegedim


    Offers solutions dedicated to its various clients interested in outsourcing and computerized exchanges

  • Cyber Hedgehog OY

    Cyber Hedgehog OY

    Shifts cyber insurance from products to solutions and introduce processes to handle the elusive nature of the risks and regulations

  • improvit


    Providing impartial, independent programme assurance services to ensure our clients' critical programmes meet the desired outcomes

  • msg


    msg life is one of the leading IT specialists for insurers, with over 35 years’ experience and exceptional actuarial expertise. The combination of our actuaries’ and IT professionals’ specialist knowledge as well as our tried and tested expertise offers our clients decisive competitive advantages.Our portfolio ranges from standard software and tailor-made services to cloud solutions for the demands of today and the future. Our bespoke consulting services for our clients add to our broad range of services. The constant further development of our solutions in compliance with demands of the market a

  • Sollers Consulting

    Sollers Consulting

    An international business advisory and software implementation specialist supporting the financial industry in business transformations

  • xceedance


    As an industry-focused consulting, managed services, and insurtech company,Xceedance is a trusted partner of insurers, reinsurers, brokers and MGAs/MGUs worldwide.Clients rely on us to launch new products, drive operations, implement cutting-edge technology,and deliver advanced analytics capabilities and process optimization.