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Trevor Cameron, Co-founder and CEO, PhilofactsTrevor Cameron, Co-founder and CEO
Trevor Cameron, a chartered loss adjuster with over four decades of experience in the insurance industry, observes that the challenges that claims handlers face are no different today than they were 40 years ago—increasing claim numbers, handling costs and challenges of management. Stubborn reluctance to let go of outdated systems, such as paper files, despite investing in technology and being committed to a green and paperless society, persists. “There seems to have been comfort in a paper file. But why? We have superior communication systems today. The rise in claims volume and cheaper outsourced management schemes have highlighted the need for greater accountability and any software that helps achieve this end is to be welcomed,” remarks Trevor. Following this observation, he, together with Kelsey Cameron, an insurance industry stalwart with years of experience working with complex filing systems and databases, developed a fully-digital Claims DMS (Data Management System) which is a comprehensive electronic file that puts insurance claims handlers in control of data and is available at all times providing the information they need, at their fingertips. Realising it was simply too good not to share their system with other claims adjusters and handlers worldwide, they founded Philofacts. “We provide our clients with true, interactive capability to view and manage their files online,” remarks Trevor, Co-founder and CEO of the company.

Philofacts’ Claims DMS is a complete electronic file that contains all the essential information, conventionally derived from the activities of one’s business. It eliminates the waste caused by maintaining paper files, which can demand extensive storage space for live and dead files for several years. Claims DMS makes the entire business case-load available 24/7 on a laptop or I-Pad to claims handlers.

The company makes its Claims DMS available to the clients in two forms—WiP-IT and CAT-WiP, each of which offers a similar breadth of data capture and management facilities, but with a difference. WiP-IT is available online for multiple users and saved and backed up securely to a server, either a dedicated office server or a cloud server. On the other hand, CAT-WiP is the offline single-user version, which is run and saved to one’s local hard drive, functioning without internet connectivity, and is best suited to a single-user, or an individual, wishing to manage their workload with greater ease and efficiency. Both of these are so much more than just a spreadsheet, as each incorporates functions such as work-in-progress, time and expense, meetings and actions, address books, reports, and more. For instance, these systems provide management with remote access directly to their time and expense sheets and work schedules and activities, while noting the latest position of a claim without the need to defer to the handler.

Then there is a Sync function, so that those forced to operate from their local version of CAT-WiP, can synchronise their data to the main WiP-IT programme in their home or Head Office if they need to.

Kelsey Cameron, Co-founder and Director of Marketing & Development

“Most importantly, CAT-WiP can be synchronised with WiP-IT, if deployed for use in catastrophe environments, as soon as connectivity is re-established,” says Kelsey, Co-founder and Director Of Marketing & Development of Philofacts.

We provide our clients with true, interactive capability to view and manage their files online

Philofacts successfully tested CAT-WiP in a live Catastrophe situation, following Hurricane Maria in the BVI in September 2017, where there was no dependable internet connectivity for weeks. “Our CAT-WiP programme was instrumental in managing our entire workload of some three hundred files between two, producing brief reports and bordereaux for insurers in the London Market while working under exceptionally difficult circumstances,” states Kelsey.

Trevor acknowledges that there are some competitors, but most are in the US, and none is quite like Philofacts. “Our edge is that the systems offered by our competitors are designed by IT experts, without expertise and market knowledge. As experts in the industry, we developed the software with specific attention to the needs of claims adjusters—so, our system is developed by claims handlers for claims handlers,” explains Trevor. Besides, Philofacts offer a range of structured prices to try and accommodate the needs and budget of smaller companies, or individuals, with a like-minded attitude towards file management and who want more than a spreadsheet, but do not have the resources of larger companies. WiP-IT can accommodate a single company of up to 500 users, as is, and is scalable for even larger companies. Both WiP-IT and CAT-WiP are suitable for claims adjusters and claims handlers throughout the English-speaking world. “We propose to develop the programme to cater for other languages in due course,” he adds.

As Covid-19 is severely testing the electronic capabilities of insurers and global commerce at large, Philofacts is excited to be positioned at the cutting-edge of this brave new world. The company has pulled together into one piece of software the tools that are still needed by a loss adjuster to function but fully electronically, thereby helping them manage their time and workload with much greater efficiency.

“We find ourselves continually coming up with new ideas for development and improvement for an already excellent database!”says Kelsey. The company is working on to force-multiply its Claims DMS with the feature that displays a conventional file chronologically with file divisions organised in storage as correspondence and file notes, first and third-party reports, photographic images and 360-degree and aerial video footage, and others. Besides, the company is developing a portal that will provide principals with controlled access to their files with two-way communication facility to post-draft reports for review and seek instructions, monitor progress, pass on instructions, request updates, and more.

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Trevor Cameron, Co-founder and CEO and Kelsey Cameron, Co-founder and Director of Marketing & Development

Philofacts Ltd is a small, start-up company, offering a totally-electronic data management system to insurance claims handlers